Gayaz Ahmed — “I know…”

Every Evening, sharp at dusk,
I know I have to vanish..
Behind the eternal sea, forming a Picturesque,
I know my light has to perish.

When the darkness would spread all along,
I know I failed at my job..
But that cold night wouldn’t last long,
I know I won’t just sit and sob.

The highs and lows are part of my life,
I know I have to stay strong..
For this cycle is never gonna cease,
Nor my attitude to shine all day-long –  Life long…!!

Gayaz Ahmed is a Software Techie by day and wannabe Author by night. He loves Classical Music just as much as he loves Stories. He is currently invested in understanding the Climate Crisis and hopes that ‘dystopia’ doesn’t escape from the sci-fi pages to the real world.

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