CASEY MIDDLETON (not actually a wolf), who serves as managing editor and lead fiction editor, is a fiction writer and aspiring screenwriter. He is also one of the founding editors of briars lit and is interested in the ways in which the ace-spectrum is included in the queer community. His favorite fairy tale is Little Red Riding Hood.



RACHEL LAUVE is a bisexual essayist and poet, as well as one of the founders. She serves as lead CNF editor, lead hybrid editor, and web designer and is basically a Disney princess. Her poetry has been published by thread arts collective. Cinderella is her favorite fairy tale, but she has a soft spot for Rapunzel.


briars-kyleKYLE STEWART, who serves as lead poetry editor, is a gay poet who is heavily invested in metaphors. He received his MFA in poetry from Hofstra University and is now studying the intersections of creative writing and academia. His favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast and he relates to Beauty.



COLE BRAYFIELD is a gay writer who enjoys living within the intersections of genres, between poetry and prose, fact and fiction. He is in charge of social media and outreach. His favorite fairy tale is Hansel and Gretel.


briars-catsLOKI, LOUIE, and LILY spend most of their time sleeping. When not sleeping, they can be found pestering our social media editor, screaming for food, and knocking things off tables. They serve as entirely unhelpful copy editors and social media interns. Once in a while, they’ll angrily pose for photoshoots, and our social media editor will post their mugs on the internet.