We are now open for volume 3 submissions from April 22nd to June 21st!


We are interested in stories with complex characters, unique and familiar fairytale plots that have been revitalized, and compelling structural elements. We want stories that deliberately utilize engaging language and points of view and in which fairytale locales are characterized as masterfully as the protagonist(s). Send us stories that raise important questions, convince us to believe in the realm of witches and fairies, and grab us by the collar to lead us through winding woods like and unlike our own.

Submit up to five flash stories (please clarify when one story ends and the next begins) or one longer story (up to 5000 words). We don’t have a particular preference for genre–sci-fi, fantasy, “literary,” mystery, etc.–but instead want stories that transcend these labels as compelling works of fiction and fairytale.

Send as a single Word document to briarslit@gmail.com with “Fiction Submission” in the subject line.



We are interested in poems that blur the border of page and stage, that create castles out of traditional forms and turn the castles into something new. We want poems that craft a magic spell from the language, that don’t shy away from queerness in content or line breaks. Send us poems that wake us up from the sleep we didn’t know we were under, that make us forget that we don’t actually live in a fairytale world, and that haunt us like a curse turned blessing.

Submit up to five poems, totaling no more than 10 pages. Send as a single Word document to briarslit@gmail.com with “Poetry Submission” in the subject line.


We are interested in personal essays that turn real life into their own fairy tales. We want essays with narrators that disrupt what fairy tales look like in real life and narrators that engage with what their queerness means to them. Send us essays that use form and structure to create their own magic, that characterize the familiar and unfamiliar fairy tales that have shaped narrators, and that look beyond a neat storybook ending.

Submit a series of flash essays (please clarify breaks between each essay) or one longer essay that totals no more than 5000 words. We are open to lyric essays, narrative essays, fraudulent artifacts, and essays that don’t neatly fit into any preexisting categories.

Send as single Word document to briarslit@gmail.com with “CNF Submission” in the subject line.


We are interested in work that doesn’t fit in any of the previous categories, that exists in the borderlands between these categories and goes beyond them. We want anything from video poems, multimodal essays, comics, audio stories, to interactive narratives and beyond. Send us work that creates a fairytale from form and uses text, audio, image, and what have you to transport us to a world of magic where the familiar takes on a new shape.

Send us your work in an accessible format to briarslit@gmail.com with “Hybrid Submission” in the subject line (if you’re concerned about file formats, please email us). We are interested in work that is comparable in length to our guidelines for other genres.